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holysmokesicons's Journal

Holy Smokes! Icons
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This is Holy Smokes! Icons!

(about the community)
This community is a place for me to post the celebrity icons/bases I've made.

(community rules)
The only rule is please don't claim the icons/bases as your own. I don't require credit (though it is appreciated) but I know what I've made, and I know what I haven't, and while I"m not going to call the internet police on your lj, or even LJ abuse, it does hurt when people steal, even something as insignificant as icons. You can do whatever you wish with these when you download them, use them here, on GJ, on a forum, hell, print them out, roll them up and put 'em up your butt, if that's your thing. Just don't claim them as yours. All icons posted here act as bases, unless otherwise noted, so edit away!

also, this isn't ohnotheydidnt, nobody gives a shit if you like the celebs featured. If you want to see a specific star, wait until the bi-monthly request post comes up. But really, you want to snark a celeb? go to ohnotheydidnt. That comm is chock full o snark. I would know, I'm a member.

(member posting)
Well, replying is fine, but as these are the icons I've made, posting by non-maintainers is moderated. If you wish to post the icons you've made with the bases, that's fine, just post it and it will be approved.There is no "Post here to be accepted" crap here, you just have to request membership and it will be granted as soon as myself or a moderator notice.


Please do not request to be a mod.